40 Things Before I’m 40 Years Old

In a decade, I’ll be hitting the milestone of turning 40. As I approach my 30th birthday this August, I realize that I haven’t accomplished everything I set out to do in my “30 before 30” goals. Setting these objectives ten years ago was intended to alleviate pressure, but now I’m feeling a mixture of anticipation and apprehension. The realization that I’m growing older is starting to sink in, and it’s an unsettling thought.

1. Learn How to Dive

Witnessing marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, and seals in their natural habitat is an incredibly captivating experience. Whenever I travel to different countries, I make it a point to engage in water-based activities whenever possible, as it allows me to appreciate these magnificent creatures from a distinct vantage point.

2. See the Northern Lights

Experiencing the Northern Lights is something that I believe everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime. The specific location holds little significance to me; all I need and desire is the opportunity to see them with my own eyes.

3. Make a Difference

Animal welfare, environmental concerns, and ethical travel have always been close to my heart. However, despite my passion for these issues, I have yet to discover a meaningful way to actively contribute or educate others. This realization has left me with a deep sense of responsibility and a strong desire to do more.

4. Forgive Myself

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life, and it’s important to remember that they do not define us. When we stumble and make errors, the key is to swiftly pick ourselves up, learn from the experience, and move forward. Dwelling on our mistakes for too long can hinder our personal growth and prevent us from embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

46 More Times

5. Grow My Own Vegetables.
6. Have Another Child.
7. Play Golf.
8. Go Paddle Boarding.
9. Go Skinny dipping.
10. Go To A Music Festival.

11. Take A Yoga Class.
12. Become More Confident.
13. Go To New York at Christmas.
14. Get My Driving License.
15. Ride A Roller-Coaster.
16. Host A Dinner Party.
17. Gamble in Los Vegas.
18. Drive A Golf Buggy.
19. Go On A Road Trip Around The USA.
20. Write A Short Story.

21. Learn To Play An Instrument.
22. Face A Fear.
23. Get A Kitten or Puppy.
24. Start Horse Riding Again.
25. Swim In The Sea.
26. Go To Disney in Florida.
27. Have A Spa Day.
28. Move House and State.
29. Have a Boudoir Shoot Done.
30. Go Paintballing.

31. Complete a 5k.
32. Complete a 10k.
33. Climb A Tall Mountain.
34. Visit The Grand Canyon.
35. Go To The Kentucky Derby.
36. Go Zip lining.
37. Volunteer With A Charity.
38. Learn To Dance.
39. Go To A Concert.
40. Learn A New Language.

I will be updating this post whenever I do something on my bucket list. You can check out more bucket list posts!

Love, Bee xxx

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