Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog

If you’re considering starting a blog, it’s crucial to ensure your complete commitment to it beforehand. While initiating a blog may seem effortless, maintaining it can be challenging. Are you contemplating launching a blog? If so, take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

What Is Your Purpose?

Are you looking to generate income? Share your thoughts and opinions? Promote your business and enhance your brand? Add engaging content to your existing website? Establish a deeper connection with your customers or subscribers? Indulge your creative instincts? Or perhaps a combination of these motives?

If you’ve already made the decision to create a blog, it’s likely that you have a general direction in mind. However, it’s crucial to be exceptionally precise and clear about your goals, as they will significantly influence the choices you make moving forward.

How do you want it to look?

Infographics and images hold significance. Color choices carry weight. Readability is crucial. The logical organization of content matters. A clutter-free environment matters. The overall aesthetics of your blog’s presentation are important. It’s essential to provide visitors with a pleasant and cohesive sensory experience, which goes beyond well-crafted words alone. Thoughtful design choices can enhance the receptiveness of your readers to the message conveyed, and while its impact may be subliminal, it is incredibly influential.

Of course, this assumes that you will make design choices that align with and reinforce your message. This aspect is where an experienced content marketing agency can provide valuable services and assistance. They can help you get started and maintain your momentum in the long run, ensuring that your design choices complement your overall objectives.

What’s your “niche within a niche” going to be?

Once you have a general idea of what you want to write about, it can be beneficial to narrow down your focus. Identify an aspect of your subject matter, product, or service that you believe has been overlooked, underpublicized, underrated, misunderstood, or taken for granted. Alternatively, consider a topic that your readers may find particularly compelling or informative. By discovering new angles on familiar content, you can set yourself apart from competitors and develop an original blog voice that is both relevant and capable of imparting valuable knowledge beyond the ordinary.

What kind of posting schedule do you want to maintain?

There are two crucial factors to consider here. Firstly, it’s important not to post too infrequently. In the blogosphere (and even in romance, although unrelated to the topic at hand), being out of sight often leads to being out of mind. Generally, there’s no such thing as posting too often, unless each post is an extensive novel that takes weeks to translate from the original Latin.

Secondly, regardless of your posting frequency, strive for reliability and consistency. Visitors should anticipate fresh content every time they visit your blog. Even if your writing is brilliant, creative, or compelling, inactive and inconsistent blogs are bound to be forgotten quickly. The virtual landscape is filled with abandoned blogs, left to rot like discarded debris in digital landfills.

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2 thoughts on “Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog

  1. great questions to ask yourself if you are someone wanting to start a blog! thanks for sharing.

  2. These are all such important questions! I’ve blogged in past but have started from scratch this week and I think the frequency point is so important. I’m starting with once a week so I know I can maintain it but ideally I’d like to up it later on! Thank you so much for sharing x

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