Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables August Edition

Welcome to August! The summer vibes are going strong, and as we inch closer to the next school season, it’s essential to prepare. Remember to include a variety of crisp fruits and vegetables in your provisions. They’ll provide the energy and hydration you need to conquer scorching days and nourish your lunch breaks. As you embark on your grocery store journey, don’t miss the chance to grab some of these delightful, in-season fruits and veggies.

Being aware of the seasonal fresh produce available when you visit the grocery store has dual benefits: it can lead to cost savings and ensure that you relish fruits and vegetables at their finest!

Nourishing yourself doesn’t have to strain your wallet. Designing your meals around the current in-season produce is a straightforward strategy for cutting down your grocery expenses. Explore each item on the list for guidance on selecting, prepping, and storing these seasonal delights.


As we approach the latter part of the month, a delightful array of fresh apples will begin gracing the shelves. With their numerous varieties, this versatile fruit seamlessly transitions between sweet and savory applications. Whether relished as a quick snack, a satisfying dessert, or a delightful addition to salads, the potential ways to enjoy apples are truly limitless!


Avocado enthusiasts, take heart – this beloved food is accessible throughout the entire year! Whether you’re adorning your toast, substituting for a more health-conscious dessert (yes, Dark Chocolate Avocado Brownies!), or crafting a delectable bowl of guacamole, you can procure avocados from stores regardless of the season.


This much-loved fruit maintains its peak seasonality throughout the entire year, simplifying its consumption as a convenient snack or a versatile addition to smoothies, muffins, pancakes, and the transformation into delightful “nice” cream. Here’s an interesting tidbit: the average American consumes a remarkable 28 pounds of bananas annually!


Beets often receive a less-than-stellar reputation due to their earthy flavor, but when roasted, their inherent sweetness is revealed, rendering them an ideal choice for enhancing salads, incorporating into smoothies, and exploring other culinary possibilities.

Bell Peppers

The prime time for bell peppers spans from July to September, although they typically grace store shelves throughout the entire year. These vibrant peppers boast abundant Vitamin A and C content, along with noteworthy contributions of Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. To prolong their freshness, keep them unwashed in a plastic bag within your refrigerator’s crisper drawer, where they can stay for approximately 4-5 days. Bell peppers shine as versatile options, perfect for snacking, stuffing, and a diverse array of culinary creations.


Blackberries reach their zenith from June to August, offering a prime opportunity to acquire them at their freshest and most budget-friendly. Were you aware that blackberries boast one of the most elevated antioxidant levels among all foods?


Though blueberries are typically available year-round in many areas, their pinnacle season stretches from April to September. Optimal reasons abound for including blueberries in your choices. Were you aware that these berries encompass antioxidants capable of enhancing vision, motor skills, and even reversing short-term memory loss linked to age-related conditions?

Bok Choy

Bok choy, a variety of Chinese cabbage, presents a gentle taste that delights whether consumed fresh or prepared. While bok choy is generally accessible throughout the year, its finest expression occurs during the colder months.

Other Fruit and Vegetables

Broccoli Available All Year Round
CarrotsAvailable All Year Round
CherriesStarts in May but Fresh Cherries cannot be found in stores till June onwards.
EggplantPeak Season
Green Beans
OkraSeason is coming to an end.
Peaches and Pears
PotatoesAvailable All Year.
Stone Fruit (Apricots, Nectarines and Plums)
StrawberriesFlorida Strawberry Season is in full swing.
Summer SquashPeak Season is June to August.
Sweet Onions

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Love, Bee xx

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