15 Things To Do On A Snow Day

Hey, my lovelies! I know I’ve been slacking but I’m currently laid up with a swollen ankle and acute ankle pain. I’m hopefully back on track now and continuing BLOGMAS. We’ve recently had snow and there’s more coming. Snow Days are a consistent thing here during the Winter. Michigan isn’t like Ireland or the U.K as nothing closes over here. This is 15 Things To Do On A Snow Day!

Make A Snowman

Do you wanna build a snowman? Let’s go out and play! Building a snowman on a snow day is the best fun. I remember making so many when I was younger. I still do it now, and I’m twenty-nine years old.

Binge Watch A Series

We all have them series that we want to watch but in full. A snow day is the perfect time to watch it as you know you can’t go anywhere and you have all the time in the world. I will have numerous amount of series ideas for you in a future post.

Bake A Cake

Most people don’t have time for baking, whether it’s because of work or social commitments. A snow day is a perfect time to bake because you can’t be interrupted or go anywhere. At the end, you’ll have some goodies for you to enjoy!

Have A Spa Day

There’s nothing like a self care day! Take the time to give yourself a pamper session and just relax. Do some face masks, foot masks, have some alcohol and whatever that makes you feel good.

Read A Book

One thing, I want to do this Winter is read one or two books when I’m stuck inside. Reading is good for your brain so, take out a book and read it. It may be a while before you find a book that is your type of book. Just don’t give up!

Sleep In

We all know with work and family commitments, a sleep in might be a rare thing. If you wake up in the AM, go back to sleep and get that Beauty Sleep.

Online Shopping

We all know it’s currently the holiday season and you know at least one person’s birthday is coming up. Take the snow day to indulge on some online shopping for yourself, Christmas and Birthday’s.

Video Game Marathon

If you’re an avid gamer, why don’t you have a video game marathon? It’s not like you have thousands of places to go etc.

Sort Out Finances

If your hoping to budget in the new year, you should gather up all your banks statements and receipts. This is you getting all your information ready to start your new budget. You need to calculate how much in 2022 have you spent on the other categories.

Bullet Journal

If you have ever wanted to start a Bullet Journal to plan your life in… Get it started now while you have the motivation to. A Bullet Journal has helped me get my life on track!

5 Other Snow Day Ideas

  • Play some Board Games with the family or housemates or partners.
  • Do some redecorating.
  • Plan your Summer Holiday/Vacation.
  • Start A Blog.

Love, Bee oxox

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