6 Thing’s To Do On Christmas Eve

Hey, my lovelies! Christmas Eve is the day where everyone’s rushing and doing the final things for the big day itself. I also know that people have Christmas Eve Traditions but a lot of people don’t know what to do with themselves. Unless you have children, Christmas Eve can be so boring and non exciting. I have complied this list thinking of families, single people and everyone else in between. This is 6 Things To Do On Christmas Eve!

Go To The Pub or Bar

This is a tradition I had back in Ireland. We used to go to the pub and meet up with friends, swap presents with a few drinks. Our local bar used to give sandwiches out and it was normally popping. We all know the Holiday Season can be stressful and going out for a drink on Christmas Eve can help you unwind and relax before you get that well needed rest for the big day.

Bake Cookies

Baking is full of fun. Sugar Cookie’s is something that I’ve been costumed too loving over in the United States. This is something that can pass time and the kid’s can bake cookie’s for Santa while feeling good about it. If Santa eat’s all of them, they’ll feel good about Santa liking them that much. Here is a post by Ahead of Thyme for the 30 Best Christmas Cookies Recipes.

Christmas Movie Marathon

There are so many different Christmas Movies from old fashioned one’s to the new modern ones. This is a great way to pass the time and get into the the holiday spirit. You can watch a whole franchise like Home Alone, Santa Clause and so much more. You can also get goodies, alcohol and whatever else you enjoy while watching movies.

Open One Gift

By opening one family gift on Christmas Eve, can show you so much. Even if you know what it is like a board game or movie. It’s something to do on Christmas Eve too pass time and get everyone excited for the next morning!

Christmas Lights

This is something that I love doing. I love going around to other houses to go and see all the Christmas lights. This is such an amazing experience whether you’re walking or driving. You can get a coffee or hot chocolate from your favorite Coffee store and just enjoy the lights.

Get Takeout

No one want’s to cook on Christmas Eve as most people will spend all of Christmas. Getting takeout from a nearby restaurant or fast food place is probably the best idea. You won’t need to wash up anything and you can get it delivered. Support local businesses rather than big companies this Christmas.

Other Idea’s

  • Wear Matching Christmas Pajama’s.
  • Volunteer Your Services.
  • Sing A Christmas Carol.
  • Make A Gingerbread House.

Love, Bee xxx

5 thoughts on “6 Thing’s To Do On Christmas Eve

  1. I love seeing Christmas lights as well! I didn’t know it was tradition in Ireland to go to the pub on Christmas Eve 😮 thank you for teaching me something today 🙂

  2. This is such a good idea, I am so busy doing those last minute things that sometimes we don’t think about how we can Enjoy Christmas eve a little better. My fav tip was opening one gift, this is something I do for the girls every year. It is a tradition that they open family gifts on Christmas even and only one from the tree. It helps heighten the excitement for Christmas day!

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