Winter Bucket List For The Family

We all know that Winter can be a hard time to figure out what to do with the family due to the bad weather and coldness of it all. I know I struggle finding things to do during Winter that is suitable even when I was in Ireland but Michigan is ten times colder. I’m here to save the day with this post. This post is a Winter Bucket List For The Family which should include a lot of things for families. Creating a Winter Bucket List can be tricky due to chilly temps, icy conditions and storms.

Build A Snowman

You can really build whatever you want to when you have a snow day. Write a few ideas down, cut them into they’re singular ideas and put them into a hat. You can then pick one out every time you have snow and make some memories.

Elf Someone

Not everyone is as lucky as others and may not have family members. You can leave a basket of goodies on someones front porch full of goodies, knock and then run. You should leave a note so they can keep the fun and kindness going.

Tackle a Giant Puzzle

Commit to tackle a big puzzle with all of the families help for a couple of days. You all will have to work as a team and get it done. It will keep everyone occupied when your stuck in the house and can’t go no where.

Games Night

Invite some family members or friends over for a games night. You can make it family friendly or even just for adults. Some games include: Yahtzee, Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit and more.

Check Out A Polar Plunge

You don’t have to take part but you can go and watch. Just make sure you wrap up warm and don’t forget to donate to the charity that the people are doing it for.

Other Ideas For Your Winter Bucket List

Love, Bee xx

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