Things To Know Before Moving to Michigan

Are you considering a relocation to Michigan? With a population of almost 10 million, the Great Lakes State provides numerous benefits such as affordable housing and breathtaking landscapes. Although the state’s economy has experienced fluctuations, Michigan, also known as the Wolverine State, continues to attract newcomers.

One State in Two Parts

Take a look at Michigan on a map if you can’t envision its geography. The state is composed of two peninsulas – the Upper Peninsula, which is renowned for its scenic wonders, though often overlooked when discussing the state in its entirety, and the lower part of the state, which is famously shaped like a mitten and includes popular cities such as Detroit and Ann Arbor.

A Swing State

As evident in the recent presidential elections, Michigan is a swing state. If you’re planning to relocate to Michigan, be ready to face a barrage of political advertisements and campaigners during the presidential election seasons. If you despise the political maneuvering, it’s crucial to consider this aspect along with the state’s benefits before finalizing your decision to move.

The Sports

Michigan has a significant presence in sports, both at the professional and college levels. The football teams of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University evoke intense emotions among the locals, as do professional teams like the Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers. Despite facing losing seasons, the residents of the state remain ardent followers and supporters of their beloved sports teams.

Winters Are Ice Cold

The rumors you’ve heard about Michigan winters are accurate. The state experiences extremely cold and snowy weather, necessitating budget allocation for a suitable coat and winter boots if you don’t possess them already. Believe us – owning them will bring you immense joy, particularly if you must venture outside during the winter or plan to indulge in various outdoor winter pursuits like cross-country skiing.

The Beaches

Although Michigan doesn’t have a coastline on the ocean, it boasts of several beaches. The state’s beautiful sandy beaches can be found on Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and some of the smaller lakes. In reality, the Upper Peninsula houses some of the most breathtaking locations in the entire United States, with many of them having a beach situated on Lake Superior.

Covered Bridges

If you assume that covered bridges are only found in New England, you are mistaken. Michigan’s numerous scenic roadways also showcase covered bridges, making them ideal locations for photography enthusiasts. These bridges serve a practical purpose while also providing enjoyment for photographers. Despite being near large cities such as Detroit, several of these bridges can be found.

Northern Lights

If you’re fortunate, you might catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights once you relocate to Michigan. Your greatest chance of spotting the Northern Lights is to look over Lake Superior during ideal weather conditions. This way, you won’t have to be concerned about light pollution obstructing your view, and you’ll be able to witness one of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders without having to depart your home state, which is truly remarkable.

No Wearing Red on Game Day

Although not every Michigander is a college sports fan, it’s strongly recommended to avoid wearing red on days when either the University of Michigan or Michigan State University is playing against Ohio State. Ohio State’s colors are scarlet red and grey, hence wearing red is ill-advised. While it’s highly improbable that anyone will experience any negative consequences for disregarding this unwritten law, they may receive disapproving stares.

Summer is 90 Days Long

Typically, summer in Michigan lasts only 93 calendar days. However, once those 90 delightful days are over, it seems as though winter is just on the horizon. Although Michigan does experience lovely summers that are not excessively hot or humid, they can feel fleeting, and most residents would likely trade a few snowy days for prolonged sunshine.

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