My 30th Birthday Wish List

Hey everyone! As you’re aware, my 30th birthday is just around the corner – yes, the big 3-0! I’m genuinely thrilled to embark on this new phase of life. Reaching 30 is a significant milestone, ushering in a period where one tends to make more decisive choices. In many cases, hitting 30 feels like a turning point, marking the end of tolerating things and individuals that add no value to your life. It’s a liberating moment where you begin to shed constraints and, unfortunately, bid farewell to those who hinder your progress.

I’m not someone who tends to make a fuss about my birthday or desires for “special occasions,” but I thoroughly enjoy crafting wishlists. They have a similar effect to mood boards for me. Observing the collection of items I aspire to possess serves as a catalyst for heightened dedication to my blog and the journey towards my upcoming endeavor – which I’ll share with you in due time! Glancing at this compilation fuels my determination to put in more effort, thereby reducing my reliance on my husband’s finances.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro. Capture incredible detail with a 48MP Main camera. Experience iPhone in a whole new way with Dynamic Island and Always-On display. And get peace of mind with groundbreaking safety features.

Price: $930

NFL Tickets

Having spent almost two years in the United States, I’ve noticed the immense popularity of American Football in this country. While I’ve caught glimpses of it on TV, I must admit that I don’t fully grasp its intricacies. Nonetheless, I’m genuinely eager to attend a game in person and immerse myself in that experience, even if it’s just once.

Gift Cards

Gift cards hold a special appeal for me due to their straightforward nature, and I truly appreciate them. The ability to venture out and acquire exactly what I desire or require brings me great satisfaction. Whether it’s for a cosmetics store, a dining establishment, or any other destination, gift cards serve as a valuable treat for me.

New Laptop

At the moment, I rely on an Asus Chromebook, but it’s clearly reaching the end of its lifespan. I’m actively seeking a replacement laptop, and while a MacBook would be a dream, I’m open to any laptop option that isn’t a Chromebook. I’m excited about the prospect of upgrading to a new device that can better support my needs.


  • Anything to do with lounge wear or sleep wear.
  • Socks! I’m obsessed with slipper socks and you can never go wrong giving me socks as a present.
  • Stationery! I have an unhealthy stationery addiction. From notebooks to pens to everything else inbetween.
  • Board Games – I need monopoly in my life as I’ve been playing it on the app or Cards Against Humanity.

Love, Bee xxx

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