30 Thing’s I’ve Learned In my 20’s

The month of my birthday has arrived, marking the transition to the exciting yet somewhat surreal chapter of turning 30. The lessons accumulated during my twenties have been substantial, perhaps even surpassing the count of these 30 insights. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge through both successes and missteps, recognizing that the journey of life is incomplete without its share of mistakes.

The prospect of bidding adieu to my twenties doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm. I’ve been grappling with this fact, acutely aware that the march of time is taking me further from my youth. The last decade appears to have whizzed by in a blur, yet in moments, it feels like it has stretched into an eternity. My twenties were an intricate tapestry woven with threads of happiness, affection, bravery, mirth, camaraderie, zeal, exhilaration, and unexpected delights. They were equally adorned with threads of sorrow, heartache, setbacks, tears, betrayals, detachment, despondency, and letdowns.

1 Choose The Right Company

Envelop yourself with individuals who align with your principles and consistently inspire you to evolve into an improved rendition of yourself. It’s simple to gravitate towards a captivating yet profoundly misguided circle (or partnership).

2 Your Dreams

It’s highly probable that things won’t unfold precisely as you’ve meticulously planned or anywhere near your initial vision (apologies for the reality check). Nonetheless, you possess an exceptional fervor and determination that propel you to take actions guiding you along the sacred course that fate has set before you.

3 Change is Good

Both you and the world you inhabit are undergoing transformations. Dealing with discomfort and navigating through situations that don’t align with your expectations becomes more manageable as you persistently advance and adjust in the face of whatever (or whoever) is beyond your control.

4 Single Life

Focus on yourself and really enjoy this stage of life. Once you’re married, you can never be single and selfish again. Stay out late! Report to no one! Sleep in! Do brunch! Buy stuff you don’t need! It’s awesome, and this time is limited. Do not rush through it.

5 Your Values

Don’t pursue anyone and keep in mind that genuinely healthy relationships are a rare and effortless occurrence. Even if the person you’re chasing gives in temporarily, your heart will inevitably shatter when they discover what (or who) they’ve been seeking. Instead, save yourself the pain and let go while the parting is still somewhat bearable.

6 Choose Joy Always

When you’re in pain, it’s best to remove reminders: erase the text thread, discard the number, unfollow on social media, stow away the photos, and resist the urge to maintain a friendship. Ignorance can shield you from hurt, and dwelling on unwanted truths will only prolong your sorrow. It’s likely that the individual has moved on and won’t be thinking of you anymore.

7 You Can Get Through Anything

Assure yourself that no matter how dire it feels, no heartbreak is eternal.

8 Confidence

Embrace a lifestyle centered around personal development. Remember, your most significant strength lies in the fact that no one else is like you. As Dave Grohl wisely said, “No one is you, and that is your biggest power.”

9 Risks and Failure

Many of the entrepreneurial ideas you hold at present might cause you embarrassment in the future, yet you’ll only discover this truth if you take the leap and give them a shot.

10 Credit Scores

Ensure your bills are consistently paid on schedule, and maintain minimal debt.

11 Stop Stressing

What may appear as a world-ending situation at present will fade into a distant memory within two years.

12 Work Hard

The foundation of your career is established through your initial time and effort, so maintain your diligence and avoid slacking off.

13 Party Hard

Savor your youth, yet remain steadfast in your principles. Prioritize safety for yourself and others—remember, the repercussions of drinking and driving or experimenting with unnecessary drugs are very real. Strive to never become the most intoxicated person at an event, as it’s not a desirable or appealing situation.

14 Ask For Advice

Engage in conversations with those who are older and possess wisdom. By actively listening, you might have the opportunity to gain insights and learn valuable lessons without the need for difficult experiences.

15 Stay In The Present

Avoid getting stuck in the past and refrain from excessive worrying about the future. Instead, focus on achievable objectives and don’t burden yourself with expectations for circumstances that are beyond your influence.

16 Be Humble

Value the blessings you possess and always acknowledge that they were granted to you. Extend your time and resources to those who are less fortunate, making a positive impact on their lives.

17 Be Kind

“People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” —Maya Angelou

18 Negativity is Poison

Maintain belief in both yourself and others, and make an effort to uncover a silver lining in every challenging situation.

19 No one gives a shit.

I’ve consistently carried a sense of self-consciousness. While I don’t necessarily identify as introverted or shy, I’ve always been acutely attuned to how others might perceive me – my appearance, speech, and words. This tendency was much more pronounced a decade ago, but I’ve experienced significant personal growth during the positive phase of my twenties. I’ve come to a realization that’s been eye-opening – hardly anyone actually cares. In a rapidly evolving world where things shift constantly, people simply don’t have the time or energy to invest in caring about you.

20 Don’t Assume

When you sense someone might be upset with you, take the initiative to ask them directly. If a friend appears troubled without apparent cause, engage in a conversation. When a colleague requires assistance, extend your support. Refrain from allowing issues to simmer until they adversely affect your mental well-being. A single assumption can snowball into a cascade of misinterpretations and conflicts. This kind of escalation is entirely avoidable and unnecessary.

21 Look After Your Health

A hard-earned lesson from my twenties has been the paramount importance of health. It’s astonishingly easy to overlook, yet its significance is undeniable.

Commit to regular exercise. Nourish your body with wholesome food. Don’t underestimate minor discomforts, as they could escalate into more severe issues over time. That persistent back pain, for instance, might eventually transform into something far more debilitating – take proactive measures to address it. Your well-being deserves priority and attention.

22 Stop Obsessing

A crucial lesson that unfolds in your twenties is relinquishing the need to tightly control every detail. It’s time to halt the habit of excessive planning and putting forth excuses. More often than not, the outcome will prove rewarding, so seize the opportunity and take the plunge without overthinking.

23 Be You

In this vast world, billions of individuals are currently alive, each with their own unique existence. Yet, among them all, not a single one can embody your essence. Keep this thought close at heart.

24 Abuse Isn’t Love

Irrespective of any notions surrounding love, it’s essential to grasp that abuse is not synonymous with love. Yelling, emotional distress, mental torment, or physical harm have no place within the realm of genuine love.

25 Trust Your Instinct

Over time, I’ve come to truly heed my instincts. More often than not, my intuition guides me accurately, pointing me in the right direction about 9 times out of 10.

26 Travel

Embarking on journeys has played a significant role in shaping my identity in the most positive manner. Traveling has been an exceptional teacher, imparting lessons in adaptability, altering perspectives, and a myriad of other invaluable insights.

27 Embrace Your Inner Child

Embracing the process of maturing is something I cherish, and I am genuinely grateful for the chance to age gracefully. Nevertheless, I am determined never to lose touch with the childlike essence that resides within me. Becoming a parent to Willow has rekindled my appreciation for the world’s enchantment, as seen through the eyes of a child. She perceives boundless possibilities, radiates unadulterated joy, and approaches life without undue gravity. It serves as a reminder for all of us to not shy away from our whimsical nature and to actively seek the magic that resides within each day.

28 Marriage Is Hard Work, but It’s Worth It

Whether you’re in a dedicated partnership or you’ve taken the vows of marriage, the crux here is the desire to commit to a lifelong journey alongside one person. This path involves a dual pursuit: nurturing growth both as a united couple and as distinct individuals.

Marriage is a labor of love. It doesn’t mirror the romanticized portrayals seen in movies. It’s not solely about discovering your soulmate. Rather, it’s an ongoing commitment that demands persistent effort. It’s about being present and supportive when your partner requires you the most. It’s about embracing them entirely, cherishing their authentic self, and wholeheartedly loving them as they are.

29 Invest In Yourself

The extent to which you invest in your personal growth, both in terms of time and financial resources, directly correlates with the level of freedom you will ultimately enjoy in your life. This freedom encompasses the ability to select a career that truly resonates with you, to connect with a partner of exceptional quality for a lifetime, and to successfully realize your aspirations and ambitions.

30 Social Media

Minimizing your time spent on social media is a wise choice. In fact, I don’t even encourage you to watch my videos if they don’t offer you any valuable insights.

I was inspired to cut down on my social media use by Alex Becker. His counsel was simple but transformative: cease fixating on others’ activities and comparing yourself to strangers online. Redirect that time and invest it in your personal growth and business endeavors.

Once I curtailed my YouTube binge-watching and allocated more meaningful ME-time, I experienced a remarkable shift. I felt a heightened sense of fulfillment and energy. As a result, I was better equipped to offer enhanced value to my clients.

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Love, Bee xx

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