Little Christmas

Little Christmas (Women’s Christmas or Old Christmas) is a holiday that is celebrated by Irish Christians and Amish Christians on the 6th of January every year. It is known more widely as the Feast of Epiphany which is celebrated after the conclusion of the twelve days of Christmas. It is traditionally the end of Christmas season and it’s the last day of the Christmas Holidays in Ireland.

Women’s Little Christmas

In my home country of Ireland, women take part in a non religious tradition called Nollaig na mBan or Women’s Little Christmas. Irish women gather on the sixth of January every year to enjoy a rest from household chores while the man of the household took over the house in relation to cooking and cleaning. Some women go to the pubs or in each other’s homes.

Facts About The Feast of Epiphany

  • It marks the day that Jesus was revealed to the world.
  • In some countries, The Feast of Epiphany is just as important as Christmas Day.
  • Some people believe The Wise Men gave gifts to kids, rather than Santa Claus.
  • Eastern Orthodox Christians Celebrate Christmas on the Feast of Epiphany.
  • The six Sunday’s after Epiphany are known as the time of manifestation.
  • The word “Epiphany” is Greek and means “manifestation”.

I know that not everyone is religious and I don’t celebrate Little Christmas or anything else on the 6th of January. A lot of people don’t know about Little Christmas or Women’s Little Christmas – including myself as I only found out like two years ago.
Love, Bee xxx

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