Finally Rating American Fast Food Places Part I

I have resided in the United States for almost two years. Although some fast food chains in the US are similar to those in Ireland, there aren’t many. I have sampled several of them and am prepared to share my opinions on some. The purpose of this blog post is to evaluate American fast food restaurants.


Rating 4/10

Although I am fond of certain items on the American McDonald’s menu, overall, I was extremely let down. In my opinion, the McDonald’s chain in Ireland is far superior. However, I cannot resist the Frappes and Iced Coffees here in the US, which are fantastic. Additionally, the rewards app offered by the American McDonald’s is impressive, allowing customers to receive a complimentary beverage with every purchase over one dollar. Such features were absent from the Irish McDonald’s during my stay there.

  • Cheaper Food.
  • Rewards App.
  • Iced Coffee and Frappes.
  • Large Drinks are double the size of Irish Large Drinks.
  • Food ain’t better and worse quality than Ireland.
  • No Supersize Me Options.
  • Really nothing that stands out.


Rating: 6/10

Although I am aware of Chick-Fil-A’s controversial reputation, I must admit that their chicken is exceptional. I am awarding them a high rating based solely on the quality of their food. The chicken nuggets and waffle fries are especially delicious, and the Chick-Fil-A Sauce is a must-try. However, due to the owner’s stance on certain issues, I am hesitant to patronize this establishment frequently.

  • Waffle Fries and Nuggets are amazing.
  • Not that expensive.
  • Chick-Fil-A sauce is to die for.
  • Owner isn’t the best person to support.
  • The closest one is at least 15 minutes away from me.


Rating: 10/10

Although there have been occasional order mishaps due to their busy operation, I still give Wendy’s a perfect score of ten. This is because the chicken nuggets, cheese fries, and frosties they serve are always on point and my go-to items. Additionally, their customer service is simply outstanding.

  • Amazing Food.
  • Cheese Fries are out of this world.
  • Lovely Staff.
  • Sometimes messes up an order.

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Love, Bee xxx

One thought on “Finally Rating American Fast Food Places Part I

  1. Interesting! I also absolutely love chic-fil-A chicken and feel totally guilty every time I go there. Haven’t tried Wendy’s but will next time in the US based on this. MCD in the US has totally gone downhill as far as I could tell too.

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