10 Ways To Avoid Burnout

Burnout isn’t just about getting tired or stressed out, it’s a serious condition that can have effects on your physical and mental health. It can even lead to depression and anxiety. If you feel like you’re always having difficulty waking up in the morning, feeling exhausted all day long or generally feeling burnt out – then this post is for you! In this article, I am going to go through some tips on how to avoid burnout so that you can keep working hard without getting burnt out!

    All About Burnout

    Burnout is something that everyone goes through at one point. No matter how hard you try, it’s going to happen. You can’t be any use to anyone if your not looking after yourself. I want to help you avoid burnout. Burnout is a feeling of exhaustion and disillusionment with your job or career. It’s an emotional response to chronic stress or frustration with work or personal life. A person experiencing burnout may feel tired, irritated, unmotivated and cynical about their job. They may have difficulty concentrating on work tasks and experience a lack of energy for anything other than the bare necessities of life.

    Breaks and Vacations

    Take breaks and vacations regularly. This may seem obvious, but it’s so important! Don’t just work continuously without a break for days on end because then when you do take a break, it will feel like the most amazing thing ever! Also, if everyone around you is constantly working without taking breaks then this will affect your productivity as well – don’t get caught up in that mindset! Make sure that there are always people around who are taking breaks too – this will help keep each other accountable


    Go for a walk or go for a run, it doesn’t matter what exercise it is as long as it gets your heart rate up, gets the blood flowing through your body and helps you relax a little bit more than before.


    You should also try to get some sleep because this will help reduce the amount of stress hormones released by your brain.

    Don’t Overwork Yourself

    It’s easy to get carried away when things are going well at work – especially if deadlines coming up.You’re likely to get burnt out quickly as well as make mistakes which! Take extra care when working, make sure that there’s always someone else around who can help out!

    Set Goals

    This is a great way to keep track of what’s important and what isn’t. When things start getting too much, it helps remind you where your priorities lie. Setting goals also gives you something tangible to work towards which can be very motivating!

    Know When To Say No

    We all have a tendency to say “yes” when we should say “no” when we’re asked to do something extra by our boss or client. It’s important that we learn to say no without feeling guilty about it because this will save us from burnout! It’s okay if someone else says no for us sometimes! We just need to learn how to say no for ourselves too!

    Take Social Media Breaks

    Social media can be very draining on our mental health! It’s easy to get caught up scrolling all day long without realizing how much time has gone or even what we’re doing anymore. So just put your phone down every once in awhile!

    Love What You Do

    If you’re doing something that you hate, then it’s going to be difficult for you to continue on this path. Find something that excites you and makes you feel alive! Maybe being an artist isn’t for you, but there’s another way for your creativity to shine through such as photography.

    Change Your Environment

    Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery for us to feel better about ourselves and our circumstances. If you’re feeling burnt out, why not move somewhere new for awhile? A new place can be a great way of starting over and getting new perspective in life!

    Get Help

    Burnout affects people differently so what works for one person may not work for another. There are definitely ways that we can get help with the process of avoiding burnout!

    Love, Bee xx

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