10 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

Hey, my lovelies! As I’ve said plenty of times before, Christmas is my favorite time of the year for so many different reasons. There’s something about Christmas that just fills my heart up with happiness and I don’t know how I would cope during Winter without it. This is 10 Reasons Why I Love Christmas.

1. Advent Calendars

Waking up and having some chocolate or a gift to open for 25 days is just the best. It makes your morning routine so much fun and gets you in the Christmas Spirit. My favorite Advent Calendars while growing up has to be: Cadburys Dairy Milk, Kinder Chocolate, Aldi and Moo Dairy Free Chocolate Advent Calendar.

2. Christmas Movies

Never mind the food or gifts at Christmas. Christmas Movies are one of the best things about the Christmas season. I start watching these once Halloween is over because it’s officially Christmas Season. I always have to watch ELF, Home Alone, Santa Clause and The Grinch.

3. The Food

I’m not a big fan of Turkey, I honestly can’t stand it. Every other food in relation to Christmas is the best. From mash potatoes to yule log to all the baking! Since moving to the United States, Christmas is a lot different than back in Ireland. The big Christmas Roast and 2 to 3 course meal will always be a favorite. You cannot forget about the sugar cookies!

4. Snow

You all might think I’m crazy but I always want a white Christmas. Having a white Christmas when I was younger was so important to me but literally only happened one year in Ireland. Snow just sets the atmosphere and it makes home all comfortable. Since moving to Michigan, a white Christmas basically happens every year!

5. Spending Time With Friends and Family

Christmas is one holiday that spending time with friends and family is so important. I love spending time with the people who mean the most and creating memories. Having dinner together and then a few games, and drinks just makes it perfect. I would never want Christmas any other way.

6. Christmas Shopping

So many people hate Christmas Shopping but I love being able to go around the stores to get into the Christmas Mood. It might be hectic but it brings me so much pleasure seeing people buying gifts for the people in their life and I love going to buy people gifts. Another reason is that the sales are crazy before and after Christmas; you should price check before you buy things in one store.

7. Gingerbread House

This has been a recent love as I’m obsessed with Ginger Bread. I never seen Gingerbread houses in Ireland. I’m loving these and it’s going to be made as a tradition in my home because it’s such a fun activity to do with your family. You can even make it into a competition, to make it more fun!

8. Christmas Songs

I always start listening to Christmas Music after Halloween and it’s a constant thing till after Christmas. It’s another way, I get into the Christmas Spirit. My favorite Christmas Songs are: All I Want For Christmas By Mariah Carey and Fairy Tale of New York By The Pogues and Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band-Aid. I have a post on My Ultimate Christmas Playlist.

9. Festive Drinks

Starbucks is my biggest weakness and they bring out some of the best festive drinks on the market. Other than Starbucks, I love the homemade cocktails that people make and even peppermint creamer for my coffee at home. Starbucks have brought out K-Cups called Peppermint Mocha this Christmas and it’s amazing.

10. Giving and Receiving Gifts

We all know gifts really isn’t important during Christmas as it’s who you spend it with. I love seeing people opening the gifts I get them and seeing they’re reaction. I love receiving gifts as I love the surprise of it all. You need to have a look at my Last Minute Gift Guide and a Stocking Filler Gift Guide if you still need help.

As it’s still Blogmas, you can click the link attached to check out all my latest Christmas and Blogmas Posts.
Love, Bee xox

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

  1. Apart from gingerbread house which we’ve never done, this would be my list too. I would add Chrsitmas light trails too. They start off my Christmas

  2. I agree! I love all of these things as well. I miss the cosy vibe of Christmas so much (I’m in NZ where it’s summer now and the xmas dinner is a BBQ hah)! Enjoy the holidays x

    Miriam | A Hygge Escape

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